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Client Love Letters

Some kind words from the badass boss ladies we've been lucky enough to call clients (and new BFFs)!

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"Honestly, this was the best investment I could have made in my business."

I worked with Tracy and her team on my rebranding and website redesign and it was the best gift to myself. They are phenomenal. It was the best experience.

Before I worked with them, my website was terrible. My branding did not look good and I was honestly quite embarrassed by it, but I’m not tech savvy. I was so frustrated, spending hours on WordPress to make very little progress.

I knew of Tracy from the Love Vitamin and she did such an incredible job with that. I was like, you know, I need to hire her on to help me with my business, make me look more professional and bring things to the next level. I’m so glad I did.

At first I was like, well can I really write the web copy myself? Am I going to be able to do that? She walks you through it every step of the way. She really takes you from point A to the finish line and you’re supported the whole entire way. Easy communication. Lots of support.

The other thing that I was kind of hesitant about was making that initial investment. It feels like a lot at first, but honestly, that was the best investment I could have made it my business. I know I’m going to get that tenfold and beyond.

I’ve had so many people contact me saying “your website looks so good, everything looks wonderful!” I’m getting more contacts from potential clients.

So I’m just super thrilled with how this has all turned out and I could not be more grateful for Tracy and her team for just making this just a wonderful experience. I couldn’t recommend them more, they’re incredible.

Dr. Shannon Curtis, ND  –  naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s health, acne, and hormones

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"They got my branding completely spot on & aligned with me and my soul clients."

I want to swoon over Tracy’s work that she did for my website and brand. I always built my own but I also knew I wasn’t really clear on what I wanted and I also knew that there’s people who do this much better than I can do.

So I hired Tracy and it was a really great experience. We went through branding together to make sure that everything was crystal clear, that it reflected exactly what I wanted.

What this taught me is that Tracy sometimes knows much better what you want than you do. 

When she first sent me a couple of samples, I was not quite sure but when I saw the whole thing coming together it was perfectly right and also people who know me really well were like “this is so you”. 

She got my branding completely spot on.

Everything is completely aligned with my values, with who I am, who I want to work with, what I want to communicate to my soul clients.

And it’s a fun website. It’s an interesting website. It’s something I’m really happy with. I can still tweak it if I need to add something.

I absolutely recommend Tracy and her team if you want to have a website that reflects who you are, that is modern, that is functional, and that is immediately going to have the right clients feel at home in your digital home. 

For me this was an absolute thumbs up.

Christine Hansen  –  business coach & CEO of Sleep Like a Boss

"Absolutely second to none. I warmly recommend Tracy & her team."

They nailed the brief and more!!!

She created an online universe for my business for my clients to explore and feel part of our community!

Tracy’s way of working in the web space is different to anyone I have ever met before, she knows her craft and her niche, guiding you through, the otherwise stressful process, in a comfortable manner.

I felt safe being guided by her, it was obvious she knew the way, from her setup of how to communicate throughout the process, to design and the process of getting specific about how to describe your business online, everything is spot on. The brand strategy part of it helps you narrow down the exact vibe and message for your brand!

Absolutely second to none and I warmly recommend Tracy, in fact if she wasn’t already so busy I would hire her to work with us at Zenme full time!

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup  –  best-selling author, life coach, and former champion on Dancing with the Stars UK

Picture of Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, life coach
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"What Tracy's done for my business is phenomenal. You get a website that actually converts."

I highly, highly recommend Tracy for getting a website done.

This is way more than just some pretty website. You can get that done anywhere. The thing that Tracy did for my business was phenomenal.

I had all these ideas. I had all these subscribers. I had so much already going within my business, but somehow nothing seemed to click, everything seemed hard. Making sales was hard. People reached out to me,  but it felt like they just wanted to get free information.

Now, I’m getting woman literally asking me to create a program for their specific symptoms. I have never had that in five years of running my business.

And it is largely thanks to this amazing website with fabulous branding and clearly, clearly defined messages, which is what my audience was craving. A connection that they could see that I understood what they wanted. That I understood what they were going through.

And this is what Tracy helped me do. She helped me nut out that wording, that copywriting that I was struggling to do on my own and she incorporates this as part of her website design.

So yes, you’re getting an amazing-looking website, but more importantly, you’re getting a website that actually converts. And ultimately if you’re running an online business that is what you need.

It’s not about funnels and creating all these webinars and being on every social media platform. Actually, it’s your website, your website represents you as your business and if that isn’t on par with your branding and your messaging, well, it’s all going to fall flat.

So if you’re unsure where to spend your money what to focus on, honestly, I would recommend Tracy more than anything.

Melissa Turner –  endometriosis educator

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"I'm so excited to share it, it perfectly captures the vision of my me and my work."

I could not be more thrilled with how Tracy helped me bring to life my new brand and my new website.

Before Tracy and I met I actually wasn’t even looking actively to have a brand refresh or to get a new website. But when I found her work, I just immediately knew that she was a fit for me.

Even the way she just presents herself through her own branding, I was like, “that’s the person for me” and when we spoke it was only further reaffirmed.

We have shared values – kind of a shared sense of style and energy and it just felt very easeful and natural to commit to working together.

You know, my website was fine. I had been DIYing it for almost eight years and I’m actually grateful that I did because I was able to come into our work together very, very clear about my own, my business values, the vision, the work I was doing, who I wanted to reach and I think being armed with that information as we entered into our partnership really helped us both just enjoy working together and for things to flow just so easily. 

Communication was incredibly smooth. We were timed on the calendar perfectly. There were never any hiccups, and now, now you can see from the website that it’s just like it’s me on the screen. People who’ve been following me for a long time, they see it and they’re like, “oh my gosh, it’s you!”

And that’s really all I could have hoped for and yeah, I just feel really excited to share it. It captures the vision of my work. It captures the feeling of it and the message that I want to bring to my audience.

So it’s a no-brainer that I would recommend Tracy to any of you who are looking for a branding and design partner. She’s amazing.

Allegra Stein – business coach for new coaches

"Tracy will make you stand out as the awesome entrepreneur that you already are."

After piecing my website together myself over the years, it was just a mess of information and it certainly did not stand out. I was about to do another tune up to my website when I realized that I didn’t want to spend a month or two working on it, just to have it still be lackluster.

Then I found Tracy and there was no doubt she was about to transform my business. I thought I couldn’t get more excited about working with her, but then I worked with her!

“OMG” was my reaction to every step of the process. When I questioned something, she would take the time to explain the thought process behind her choices, and I was always reassured. I was just so amazed at how thorough she was to make my website true to me, and how she created this whole beautiful brand that I never even imagined.

I am so thankful to have the burden of “I need to fix my website” just completely taken off my plate. This has allowed me to focus on photography and my business and not stressing over an ugly website.

Now my website and brand is complete and beautiful and I’ve received so many compliments on how it’s so me and so perfect. I know now, that when potential clients visit my website, they aren’t bouncing right away or thinking I charge too much.

I highly recommend Tracy and her team to any business owner who also struggles with an awful website and branding (but an amazing product/service). Tracy will make you stand out as the awesome entrepreneur that you already are.

Julie Laflamme  –  elopement photographer based in Joshua Tree, CA

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"I absolutely love my branding now. Tracy really got the essence of who I am."

Before I started working with Tracy, I was really frustrated with my website and my branding. Specifically, I couldn’t stand it. 

To be honest. I was embarrassed to send people to my website, even though I had worked with a couple of different people on getting logos done on Fiverr. They just… I don’t know. They left something to be desired.

I had a vision in mind and I tried really hard to pull that together by myself, but it just never like I just couldn’t get it from concept to website myself.

So that’s when I decided to hire Tracy and work with her and I am so happy I did – I absolutely love my branding now. She really got the essence of who I am.

The people that I’ve shown my preview to they say that it absolutely is so me and that’s exactly what I was wanting is for people when they visit my website. I want them to really get a sense of who I am just by looking at my page.

I would recommend Tracy to anybody who’s struggling with their branding process. She’s got a beautiful streamlined process to go through learning about who you are as a business person and what you’re looking for, and she really helps you to clarify your own branding message, as well as giving her the information she needs.

It was just all so easy to go through. Tracy is super responsive and friendly and just she was an absolute pleasure to work with so I highly recommend Tracy to anybody who is looking for branding.

Christin McLeod  –  happiness coach & mentor

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"She put together something that just represents me in a way that I never could have imagined possible."

I’ve really struggled with the website part of being an entrepreneur. It’s been many years of dabbling in website making really small ones that I was never proud of. I never wanted to show them to anybody. I didn’t feel like they really represented what I did but I always felt like I should have a website.

So it never really got to the point where I was actually putting out a website of what I do. It came to the point where it just became inevitable that I needed that. It was like a next step forward for me and in a way where it really represents who I am, what I offer, what I do.

So working with Tracy was incredible. She is such a wizard at the online world. Which I didn’t actually realize how much I was struggling with and felt overwhelmed by so she made everything feel so accessible and doable and explained things incredibly well and put together something that just represents me in a way that I never could have imagined being possible.

When I first saw my new brand, I was in tears and incredibly grateful and so excited. And was just incredibly impressed by the process of her building that, really getting to know me, my essence, my message, and conveying that in a way that just feels so true. 

Since having my website out, I’ve attracted people in, people see me in the street in my town saying “wow, I love what you’re doing.” And I’ve had clients come in. I feel like it’s just opened up this wave of possibility and has been so well received.

And I’ve gotten incredible feedback, let alone the confidence of just being proud of my website, what I do, and excited to show that to people. What Tracy does is just priceless. She’s been just instrumental for me and moving forward with what I do.

Melissa Dow  –  yoga & wellness mentor

"Having an expert come in and bring my vision to life... it relieved me of a lot of stress and meant I could freely focus on other areas of the business."

For me, I felt like my branding and website wasn’t truly expressing who I am or what I wanted to achieve through my website which is to display everything I do in a clear and easy to digest way for my audience. I felt very frustrated with a lack of functionalities and I felt the features I did have I’d outgrown and were a mismatch.

Seeing my new branding and website finished was such an exciting moment as I could see how much hard work had gone into it, and it was exactly what I wanted. For me, I feel really proud of my website and have gotten lots of great compliments from my followers saying how easy it is to use and feels much more “me”! From my side of things, I feel having the shop integrated now enhances the user experience and has resulted in more sales after only a week of it being live!

Working with Tracy made the process so much easier for me, I’ve always updated my websites myself in the past so having an expert come in and bring my vision to life relieved me of a lot of stress and meant I could freely focus on other areas of my business. Tracy made the experience so easy and simple I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend working with her.

Emma Mumford, spiritual coach & best selling author​
Image of Emma Mumford, Spiritual Queen
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"The process was so easy, and I finally feel like I have the website and brand that represents me."

Before I started working with Tracy, I was DIYing my own website, which was okay, but I think what I was struggling with was kind of connecting my personality to my website. I never really felt like I was getting the feel that I was going for.

I really wanted to kind of get this humorous, powerful, inspiring feel and I just really couldn’t do that, mostly because I’m just not a graphic designer, not a brand expert, and so when I started working with Tracy the first thing that I noticed is she made me go through this long questionnaire which I thought was really useful. It actually helped clarify a lot of things with my brand and just by seeing that questionnaire I knew that she meant business. I knew that she was serious. 

And working with Tracy was really easy. She had really great communication. She was really responsive and the whole process was just really simple. 

After I filled out that questionnaire she got to work and I was very, very, very impressed with the results. 

I finally have the website that I really feel represents who I am and my brand and kind of the mood that I’m going for.

I’ve had so many compliments on it and I feel like I will be happy with this website for a very long time and I feel like it’s going to save me a lot of time because before basically what I was doing was creating a website on my own, being happy with it for like a month or two and then going in and changing everything again. 

It feels really good knowing I don’t have to do that anymore.

So I highly recommend Tracy, her design is amazing. And I think anyone who needs to work on their branding, their website should work with Tracy. I have seen a ton of designers and website graphic designers out there and I was never really impressed until I saw Tracy’s stuff and I was not disappointed by the experience with her.

Kendra Perry  –  business coach for health coaches

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"I think this just really puts me into a different category. Like people can finally see that I'm the real deal."

I came across Tracy and immediately connected with her. I was super thrilled that she had so much experience building her own online businesses.

The experience working with her was just above and beyond what I could have expected.

I hate to think how many people went to my old website and left pretty quickly because it didn’t embody what we were trying to say.

I’ve been so thrilled with everything that Tracy created. It just makes me feel so much more confident to be able to say go to BrideDisrupted.com and immediately feel captivated by everything that we have to say. I think my brand is irresistible.

Tracy was able to set the tone for the visual style that I could then apply to the rest of my business. And that was kind of the key that I was looking for as well. I was kind of struggling with my Instagram kind of look and feel, and just everything really, but what Tracy was able to give me was a really amazing base and brand guide to begin with which now I can take and replicate. It’s helped me to create a lot of consistency across all of my channels and communications.

I think it just really puts me into a different category. I feel like a professional now and I feel like when people come to my website and see that, they see that I’m the real deal.

And that just makes me feel so much better about being able to actively promote and market myself. If you are thinking about upgrading your branding I just would say go for it. I couldn’t recommend Tracy enough and I just think like investing in yourself in this way is really a priceless exercise.

If you are serious about your business and you believe that you are the real deal and you really want to take your business to the next level then I just think that this is the best thing that you can gift yourself.

Karen Hopkins  –  author & wedding industry disruptor

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